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We acknowledge that we are on the traditional lands of the Haudenosaunee
and Anishinaabe people and express our gratitude to them
for allowing us to live and learn on their land.

Welcome to the IPPC

Our partnership with the Indigenous communities is based on building meaningful relationships and working with partners in these communities to help support initiatives that they identify as priorities and to help with development based on these needs.


Our areas of focus primarily centre around providing assistance to school children and their families, which benefits the community at large. Our approach is truly that of a partner, working cooperatively with individuals in each community, so they also have an ownership stake of each initiative

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Mission Statement

Our mission is to connect with remote Indigenous communities and their youth and through partnerships, provide them with resources to support their growth and development and inspire them to reach for their dreams.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to build trust with Indigenous communities and foster community involvement. We want the communities have ownership of the results and we seek to develop personal contacts and friendships.


  • Connect with indigenous communities/organizations 
  • Improve living conditions (housing)
  • Improve literacy 
  • Support women's shelter in indigenous  communities
  • Build trust with the indigenous communities
  • Foster community involvement, they have ownership of the results
  • Seek to develop personal contacts and friendships
Improve Living Conditions

The Rotary IPPC supports Indigenous communities in Ontario and Manitoba in their self- determined priorities aimed at improving their living conditions and overcoming generations of lack and insufficient affordable and clean living conditions.

High Impact

When Indigenous communities determine and select projects that impact them and their children positively, we do our best to support their aspirations. This includes access to quality education and the resources necessary for effective learning.

Support Indigenous Women

We support programs that work to improve the health and wellness of Indigenous women including easy access to maternal health information and services and adult literacy programs in a culturally sensitive and effective way.

Our Support Programs

Sewing in Pond Inlet
Art for Aid Project logo banner
Art for Aid Project - art supplies
sewing in Igloolik

Art for Aid

The Art for Aid Project is a program under the Canadian registered charity I Love First Peoples. Our combined focus is to improve education for students in remote Indigenous communities in Canada. We are volunteer run and do not receive federal funding. We depend on support from donors and Art for Aid raises funds through our Shopify store “The Art for Aid Shop” to support our demanding shipping and operations budget.

We are very grateful to receive support from the Rotary Indigenous Peoples Partnerships Cluster (IPPC). They have generously donated support to our shipping budget over the last couple of years, donated for the sewing machines as well as having provided a generous measure of materials and transportation support for our pilot project “Sew & Sew Skills Lab” in Natuashish, Northern Newfoundland to the Mushuau Innu School. The Sew & Sew Skills Lab program has now been expanded and includes 4 schools this year with room to expand to a 5th school in 2022’s school year.

We are all tremendously grateful for the support of such good people who believe in what we are working to achieve.

We love to support & collaborate with our friend Colleen Gray!

Art Supplies are much needed in Indigenous schools.

 Please watch this video (3min).

Rotary CLUBS

These Rotary Clubs have supported our District Grant towards the ventilation systems in Fort Albany.

Rotary Club of Belleville
Rotary Club of Cobourg
Rotary Club of Etobicoke
Rotary Club of Scarborough
Rotary Club of Trenton
Rotary Club of Sunshine Coast, BC